Sunday, December 31, 2006

Croatia: Sinj - The Six Hundred Horsemen

At the town of Sinj, Croatia, near the Dalmatian coast, there is a fine statue of a horseman. The town is on the way from Sibenik, Croatia, to Mostar, in Bosnia. Story is, at the time of a particularly fierce invasion battle (the Turks) in 1715, all seemed lost until -- motivated by an apparition of Mary, out of the village rode 600 on horseback, so sudden that the Turks, having suffered other setbacks, fell back. Scroll down to Historical Background here for a painting of the event, and a particularly moving account of why this is so important to Croatians: Battle and Apparition at Sinj.

Try to get there for the medieval-type jousting celebration that commemorates the battle. Horsemen gallop toward a suspended iron ring, aiming their long spears. Check the dates. We missed it. Sinj joust.

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