Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Czech Republic: WWII Paratrooper Resistance Fighters, Assassination of Reynard Heidrich

At first, we could not locate their names. There is never agreement totally on whether a strategy/tactic/resistance effort is worth the reprisals, but the names of those Czech partisans who risked and gave their lives, for a cause to overcome, I think is important.

Update 8/16/07. This site lays out the entire operation, names, photos, and years before and following during WWII, and what happened to the people involved on both sides. Very long site, so do a find for the topic or photo if you require speed. See are the names, at this full account of Operation Anthropoid. Four of the seven who landed for the mission carried it out: Lt. Adolf Opalka, Sgt. Josef Valcik, Sgt. Jan Kubis and Sgt. Josef Gabchik. Read what we found about the assassination of Obergruppenfuhrer Reynard Heidrich in 1942, and the killing of the partisans after their betrayal, in a church in Prague, at Czech Republic Road Ways, post August 5, 2007, Prague.

A boy at the time, now becoming well known, wrote of those events. Read the diary entries of Petr Ginz, a 14 year old Jewish boy, at the time in Prague, also at that post. See photos related to places he mentions at this site: Places of Petr Ginz, in the book now translated into English, edited by his sister, Chava Pressburger: "The Diary of Petr Ginz 1941-1942," tr. Elena Lappin, Atlantic Monthly Press NY 2007.

A critic of the effort, and support for the Czech betrayer Curda(on grounds that who can judge another) is

Read about it at and even see the old films about the episode: Operation: Daybreak (1975): and Hangmen Also Die (1943). and Hitler's Madman from 1943.

See the accounts from Lidice, the town destroyed in reprisal. Also film references

But remember. And keep the discussions going.

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