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Shadow Children - Unsung Backgrounds, But Doing Well, Thank You

Unofficial Children - A Continuing Human Tradition.

Welcome Them All Home.
Backgrounds and All.
It's Time. It's Safe Now.

We should be equally proud of children born in as out of wedlock.  Our culture has a mixed record on that issue.  Other cultures are more uniformly condemning, especially of the mother, see  There, the taint of having an "illegitimate" child carries over into broad other areas of life.
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Evita Peron
Those from :// We think none are "illegitimate." Just largely unrecognized, some for reasons that balance out, others that do not, given times, cultures.
  • Charlemagne
Charlemagne was reputed to have been a "love-child" while his brother, Carloman, was legitimate. See Einhard and Notker the Stammerer, Two Lives of Charlemagne, at page 4, at   ://

To the list, add from this site, ://
  • Confucius
  • Thomas Paine
  • Alexander Hamilton

  • Miscellaneous Royal Offspring.  Kings have many. Robert the This. Howard in ancestries. Hammersmith. Civil and other wars '61. Hoerltling entitlements overcome no nicens say the ages. Londinium of the Empire.
See The Royal Family Tree Sprouts Unofficial Limbs, at :// /

Then on to some that particularly interest us:
  • Christopher Columbus - 
Speculation, a Portuguese Prince's son extra-marital, see Spain Road Ways, Seville, Christopher Columbus' Bones; in addition to those items, is he the son of Pope Innocent VIII, see "Christopher Columbus, The Last Templar," at;jsessionid=AD4D23697D8F982AE64B465ACE039850?action=displayDetail&id=2252&searchString=978-1-59477-190-3&selectedTextTypeKeynames=23&displayZoom=1/
Enjoy the detailed outline of the book, the resemblances physically (but that can be said of many of us to unrelated persons), cultural clues, etc. An enjoyable speculation, and we know nothing of his upbringing. The name "Columbo" apparently was often given to foundling children, perhaps of Jewish parents in the north of Italy (Jews were expelled from Spain finally in 1492, same year), Colombo or Colon signify the Jewish "Jonah", says the site, and the children were considered born courtesy of the Holy Spirit, thus "dove" and "Colomba." Speculate about history. Enjoy. Birth of a man without parents. Hmmm.
  • Dorothy Jennings Ruth Pirone, daughter of Babe Ruth
This seems to be established. Dorothy is from Babe Ruth's relationship with Juanita Jennings, not his wife. Their relationship was in 1920. See Babe and his wife, Helen, eventually adopted Dorothy, but she was not told this until she was 59, so it is said. This is not the adopted Julia Ruth Stevens, daughter of Babe Ruth, and there were other children from various wedlocks (see Search Amazon for a copy of "My Dad, The Babe - Growing Up With An American Hero," by Dorothy Ruth Pirone and Chris Martens, see

See Young Babe Ruth, by Harry Rothberger, at page 167 google book,+Babe+Ruth+daughter&source=bl&ots=phAVuOU88c&sig=7SiKpMNk2dArsj7gOjk9bx8xfWg&hl=en&ei=B0TeSaOkAqLflQe0uJhV&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=8

Dorothy died in 1989. See obituary at She knew her natural mother only as a family friend.
Look at page 63 of the google book, Babe Ruth, a Biography, by Wayne Stewart. Juanita's father was president of Mexico, and ultimately assassinated. See ://,+Babe+Ruth+daughter&source=bl&ots=Fu7zHxWklh&sig=Wq7lxFVbNhyt1gskVpt2BDMaIBg&hl=en&ei=B0TeSaOkAqLflQe0uJhV&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3/
  • Jesus of Nazareth - 
Faith begins where reason can go no further, so see ://; and Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, at :// and the rest on your own, as you may or may not be inclined. See Germany Road Ways, Pantera Tradition Adding to Christmas.

  • Many, many more 
Here is a site with 20 more famous people listed - see Trivia on 20 Famous Illegitimate Children, at :// That list stopped in 1981. Find on the long list these folks:
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Sarah Bernhardt
  • Richard Wagner
  • Jenny Lind
  • Erasmus
  • Cesare Borgia
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Pope Clement I

  • William the Conqueror. 
Looking back to the top, one of our favorites remains William the Conqueror, from Normandy and the Norman Invasion of Great Britain. He came to a sad, painful end.
Until then, William the Conqueror, here, did quite well. See France Road Ways, Normandy, Normans.

  • Alois Hitler, Father of Adolf Hitler (1837-1903). 
 Alois Hitler was employed at Austria's customs service; Adolf feared him, distrusted him, but Alois himself did well and left an adequate pension to support the family. See biography of Adolf Hitler at  Adolf's surname for a time was his mother's, Schicklgruber; but by 1876, Adolf had firmed up his claim to use the Hitler name.  Did he ever use "Schicklgruber"? Or did he personally always use Hitler. Still checking. 
  • Art Linkletter - TV host (1912-2010) 
Art Linkletter was born out of wedlock, as they say, and put up for adoption as a baby. See   He hosted shows memorable to early TV watchers, such as "People are Funny."  These were shows of good will, humor at the human condition, whimsy and courtesy.  We miss him.  Flim-flam rude-crudes, who make up shows that live under rocks during the day and exploit at night whatever angle puts people down, or makes lots of money in shock and a-a-argh, a take an hour and watch Art. Real Art.

And some that do not interest us, but seem to preoccupy others:

Applause for all who did well with hands they were dealt. One day it will not matter - any of that.
Go here for applause ://

Now:  How about the mothers.  What is their story.  What do secrets do to lives.  What does humiliation, or force, do to lives. Does that concern skip a generation, the generation that bore the babies. Do they count. Obviously, not. Reconsider.

  • Louise Lucinda Hilliard (Brien) 1876-1963

Louise, or Louisa; or put the Lucinda first; was born to Margaret Hilliard in Trillick, Ireland.  Margaret was known as Maggie. Maggie was 14 years old, helping the housekeepers at Glengeen Lodge, a maid.  Living there was William Brien, age 39 at the time, and he had his way. My grandmother, Louise Louisa Lucinda Hilliard Brien was born.  Not all letches are evil; Mr. Brien as we referred to him as we learned the story, tried to have a relationship with both Maggie (too young at 14, and not suitable as a bride for a local "Lord"), and supported them both. When they came to the US, it was by second class steamship, and his stock and its income provided sustenance.  See the Hilliards, parents still living on Main Street; and Mr. Brien, in 1910 at

My cousin has letters, and has shared them.

The point here, is that ordinary people have children out of wedlock, they do well, but in our case, the humiliation and anger of my grandmother at being so stigmatized in a small Irish village by the 39-year old taking the 14 year-old stayed with her.

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