Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ah, ha, ha, ha, Livin' a Lie. When Appearance is Not the Reality.

Lawrence of Arabia,
and Others Whose Reality
Is Not The Appearance

Or Those Who Overcame

Like Lawrence of Arabia

Life stopped at '18.  Then a War. Life as somebody knew it, suddenly gone. Life as it was, hidden. In cultures, families, governmental relationships, sometimes the smile precedes a scream. For many.

This comes to mind with Lawrence of Arabia, see Wales Road Ways, Lawrence of Arabia, of Wales. Many secrets, orientation, flaws, at issue a thwarted respectability in the family if, the trying on of new identities, the coming home, still caught in old tapes. For some, a consequence of a status sounds trivial to those on the outside, for others, a hidden past. Meet some of the unsung illegitimate in history, see The Unsung, The "Illegitimate" - Many Who Made It Anyway. And meet those who became great leaders, or in their field, anyway, when the culture still was damning. In its way.

For all who. Who knows. Knew. The used. The erred. In any way. Culture, music, politics, relationships and history - the misfits - and leaders - fake it 'til you make it - :// - who made it anyway, or not.

To be. Robert Howard. Where, thee. Name change shape shift Robert Feneley, Gee. Mysteries in lives.
As the twig is bent. Or not to be. Gee. Dub it at ://  Not this one, but perhaps it, too - "Livin' a Lie" - Rihanna at :// In the noos. :// Noose? Who knows. Knew. Not in the news. Until.

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