Friday, June 11, 2010

BP and the Busted Pelicans: Life Without Value. Unsung Non-Humans.

 The Measure of Loss
Uncounted, Unsung Lives - Non-Humans

A creature has no value
If it cannot be converted into cash.
Wild life, the wild card,
Just so much collateral damage.

Measure damage by gallons?
Self-serving, that.
BP's mega-barrels disperse,
Especially with toxic help
Diluting, concealing plumes below;
Remaining but ghostlike,
Cannot be measured.
Corporate winner fist-bumps.

So:  Measure instead by numbers
Of the dead and crippled.
Wars do;
But only as to our species.

Measure instead by the dead
As to all kinds who were living.
Add to the neutral gallons-count.

Tally the lives.
Say $700 per life.
10 lives all sizes per cubic yard.
Measure the scope of spill.
Multiply $7000 times the dead cubic yards
Shore, wetland, deep.
Add that to the gallons.
Each life integral to the Chain.

Why measure a Plague
By the flea-count.
Why measure the carrier.
Count the bodies
Of these who were alive;
And had they no right to stay so.

No, say the pocketers.
These are just

Busted Pelican.
New logo for BP.
Make up a flag.
Bring out your dead.

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