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A Lysistrata Group. Lysistrata. Cindy. Political Spouses Speaking Out and Against.

A Lysistrata Group
May be Forming Near You
Ask Cindy

Political Spouses Speaking Out, and Against

A Lysistrata Group.  A Lysistrata Group is comprised of those who ordinarily stand a step behind the Power, but who find the moxie to speak up at some point when the Power goes too far.

Lysistrata was an ancient Greek (perhaps not real) who spoke through drama a long time ago.  Says she, and her lady friends, old and young:  End war or we will withhold the cookies. See #3 here.  Her moral is this. No more should the Powers take for granted that they are the only deciders.  No more should they ignore the wisdom, the foretelling, the views of those who stand a step behind.  Ignore us at your peril, because actions will be taken.

Perhaps not the same as Lysistrata's but significant.  So far, and with research ongoing:  we offer as the preliminary Lysistrata Group: Cindy, Calpurnia and Lysistrata herself.  The Lysistrata Group for Today. What opportunities for sensible governing, balanced policies over politicking.

1. Cindy. 

This refers, in a dignified way, to Cindy McCain: The quiet, still one of classic face, a step behind the Man Event du jour, in Designers', as of birthright-cashright, the one of many houses and significant brewhistory-bucks, Budweiser here before it was sold.  Yet no voice was audible, usually, and she was seen with a polite one hand seen in a clapping motion gliding toward the other, the other dutifully receiving the intrusion, while remaining magically soundless.

That was during The Campaign of Sad Ending for the family. And the persona Cindy adopted probably reflected a way to keep sane. No complaints, Cindy.

See Cindy now.

Applause for her, and not him. A clear voice for human rights, over the political weasling of one who disappoints us all, betraying even his own principles for gain.

Let's have some quasi-eloquence here. She deserves accolades, even inartful ones. Cindy, step up.
  • Hear the applause of millions of non-elites, and some elites we believe, resounding for the Voice that you have now found, or that at least you now let us hear. Speaking out in favor of the civil rights of gay and lesbian persons, and their right to serve openly in the armed services. 
  • See and hear Cindy McCain Breaks With Husband John McCain and Supports Gay Rights, at ://
During the campaign of 2008, we looked at the candidates in the water, including John McCain. Candidates in the Water.  Did we learn anything? Then we looked at Cindy McCain back then, and asked, what is she thinking?  See Cindy, What Do You Think?   Perhaps now we know. And perhaps she is sleeping more soundly, with it out. Cheer.
    2. Calpurnia.

    Third wife of Julius Caesar.
    • Himself's first wife was Cornelia Cinilla, and she died in childbirth and for lack of universal affordable healthcare; 
    • Himself's second wife was Pompeia, and she lost out to a rumor. Caesar divorced Pmmpeia because she was suspected of some wrongdoing, it has never been established what that was.  She seems to have been a participant, perhaps, or allowed her house to be used as others engaged, in a ritual not uncommon for women of the time, who were always kept in the house, it seems, and that the men saw as subversive to them somehow? Go figure at :// Yet her plight as one suspected of something was enough.  That was as important as having done something the husband would disapprove of, and established the Maxim Bigotus that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion, see ://
    Himself's third wife was Calpurnia.  She had a vivid dream. Several.  A lot. And she warned him not to go to the Roman Senate that day, the Ides of March. She had had a dream of his death. Very vivid, many scenes. He could have postponed, of course, but he went anyway, and was stabbed by his political enemies, including an erstwhile friend, Brutus. Et tu? Yup. Look up Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene 2.  Do a "find" for "Calpurnia" to find her dreams, what she said, did, and almost convinced Caesar to stay home that day.  A later soothsayer also warned him of the Ides of March, but Caesar looked to his image and his glory in the daylight and .... Decius Brutus convinced him all worry was in his head and not in realty, and .... (fair use quote)

    "How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia!
    I am ashamed I did yield to them;
    Give me my robe, for I will go."

    Thus spake Caesar.

    3. Lysistrata.

    Meet the heroine of the Greek play of this name by Aristophanes, 411 BC. A comedy, but a protest play as well., Watch the truthitudes trickle out.

    The Greek city-states were at war, yet again, and the fighting had gone on for so long that it was the new normal. Peloponnesian Wars: Named for the Peloponnese, the peninsula hooking on to and south of the Piraeus-Athens area. Think Sparta. Mycenae. More at ://

    Lysistrata got fed up with this preoccupation, and called a sex strike.  She gathered the Greek women from all the city-states whose men were at it yet again. Buck up, says she to the helpless-looking ones. Declare to thy beloved knucklehead, if it is still on his silly shoulders after all this mayhem, that there shall be nonononono sex that is no-o-o-o- s-e-e-e-e-e-e-x-x-x-x until a treaty is signed. Then there can be a greater chance of peace than what we have now. And so they did.

    The ladies had a bottle of wine to celebrate their unity , and could hear the older woman already taking over the Acropolis where the treasury was. See a summary at ://  Go deeper at Greek Theatre at ://  See * for a caution.

    Can we apply this to other areas: Maybe so, maybe not. Lysistrata's idea now to stop wars?  More to it than that, probably.  So just be creative yourself.  What might apply. FN 1.  And who did not make the cut here?  See FN 2.


    FN 1  A modern Lysistrata Group for ladies, perhaps a Lysistratus Group for gents. What else? You think.

    Field guide to forming a Lysistrata Group.  Pending our further research on who else stood a step behind, but who spoke up nonetheless, you, too, can form a Lysistrata Group. Take your own chosen action, speaking out or acting out. We are designing T-shirts and mugs and pens, and are casting about for a logo and color scheme for marketing.  Not.  But the idea is fun. Cindy, why don't you?

    Congress wives and husbands standing a step behind;  any Significant Others.
    • If you think that your Significant Other is being a knucklehead, acts to block things for political gain rather than participate in affirmative governing for the country (and this takes consideration, and is aside from good faith, thoughtful disagreement with an alternative to offer specifically on the issue and with facts to support) or being Political To Get Re-Elected when there is real need and common sense out there to be worked on together:
    • Here comes a rant about jeopardizing national security for politics, or the health of people who cannot be productive if they are sick, or stopping unemployment benefits to those jobless when -- what was it, 9 million jobs were lost before the Present Pres took office? Look it up. Grasp your nearby goat by the horns if there are any, as your first exercise.  
     Some goats:  Some goats only can be stubborn.
    • For example, go immediately to Kyl the Knucklehead and all his myopic supporters of Doing Nothing just to run out the clock a while and embarrass an opponent, and say there shall be no such etc. etc. until the Arms Treaty is signed, as he has been in on all the ins and outs of it for weeks if not longer, and is just being goatish;
    • Delay for politics' sake? No excuse. Serve the people, Knu _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d! Or no cookies. Or pick your own issue.
    • Other issues:  civil rights and the military instead of some people's religion governing guns; and unemployment benefits, and the mosquito bite of a tax reinstated on the wealthy -- it means one less course at a twelve-course dinner when they can't eat any more anyway.
    FN 2.  Who did not make the cut.

    a.  Laura.  Nope. Then again, if her silence means genuine and thought-out loyalty based on merit, we accept that. If it is just "woman's place", no.  We also acknowledge that presidents' wives are in an awkward position while they are at the White House.  Separate views expressed by family of the president take up the 24 hour news cycle time in a distracting way.

    So I look at what Laura has done or said since, and find she has keep very, very quiet.  Either she agrees with himself all the time, or doesn't feel strongly about anything that might challenge himself, or just chooses not to speak out.  Her choice. Not everybody is cut out for a Lysistrata Group.
    b.  Virginia, who speaks by phone message. Nope. She just spoke up on himself's behalf, not with a different voice.  A different voice -- name of a book decades ago, find it at In A Different Voice by Carol Gilligan, review and notes at ://  Time to take a new look at that one. From the 1980's. Looking back at that, and the notes on it at the site look accurate as I recall (book is downstairs somewhere), it is worth a re-read.Virginia's SO is a lifer, so we don't apply the same restraint acknowledgment to her as we do for White House SO's.
    c.  Michele. Not under consideration yet. See Laura note at a above. We'll wait until she is out of the White House; then again, maybe after her own sixty terms, voted in by acclamation as Forty What? Then we see if Her SO joins a Lyisistratus Group.
    d.  Still thinking.
    e.  Eva?  Nope.

    Now, loyalty is not to be taken lightly, and may well be deserved. Loyal SO's, applause, where the loyalty also meets needs other than the Power's politico-status-ego-rigid ideological that also serve politico-status-ego; and extends to good governance on behalf of all persons, especially those of the household of the nation and of the world.

    * Be careful of the Internet.  Paragraph 1 of the site says it was by Aristophanes.  Others say Aeschylus.  Look it up elsewhere.  Aristophanes.  And learn that "Lysistrata" means "disbander of armies."  See  Look up the ancient Greek playwrights at :// /

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