Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Targeted. Unsung Assaulted. The World's Assaulted. The Put-Upon. Women. Children. Behavioral Entitlements

The Targeted
Teach Defenses to Targets of Assaults.

Rape, Bullying, Sexual Assaults, and on to Cultural and Religious Sexual Abuse, Girls' Genital Mutilation
Women, Children, any Powerless, Assaulted. 
Culture, Economics, Religion and Politics .
A.  Scope of the Problem: Abuse issues are broad, extending to both genders as actors and acted upon. Abuse can be culturally condoned, as rape of an unaccompanied woman might be; or religious institutions covering up sexual abuse of boys and girls, or genital mutilation (see  Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away, book by Christe Watson (this by way of update) Other Press 2011, at that results in a sexual underclass, persons to be used, limited in role, and without rights.  Bullying into acquiescence, bullying of corporations, institutions, individuals, cultural lobbies using guns to intimidate.

B.   Are we hard-wired to entrench privilege and supremacism by abusing others; or can information, changes in laws, also change behavior.  Can we teach the physical defenses including martial arts, role-playing dialogues when confronted with an abuser or date-raper, teach in order to spot the problem before it is too late, and defend. Teach the Well Placed Knee. The Scream at the person bothering you.  A polite child will be polite.  Teach time, place, manner.  And fast acting for legal help. FN 1
A.  Scope of the Problem
Defense and information training to the powerless: would that be a deterrent to abuse. Can you teach the moves, teach for motivation.

1.  Self-education, even with issues usually denied a public forum
  • Parts are sliced, sewn in the child, leaving no room for expansion and accommodation of the birth process in the adult. Imagine a birth with those conditions in remote areas, or where doctors will not interfere.
2.  Report.  And read the news.  With reporting increasing, and media attention, rapes seem to be increasing.  Instead, they may be merely at prior levels, but now with visibility.  It used to be easy to ignore the issue in developing countries, where they are not like "us;" to continue to do so is to deceive ourselves.  Knowledge or awareness without action is to be complicit.  Commiseration with the victimized, offering counseling after the fact, both inadequate.  Neither gets at the offender.
3.  Teach defense.  Let the woman and the girl have the extreme tools, so she can choose what technique to use when. Even the child. Tell the child that the child can "tell."  Publicity works. Deal with it. Mindset matters in health, and in conveying the ability to defend.

B.  Root of the Problem.
1.  Role Entitlements; Failure to Vet Received Authority, the Orthodoxy underlying supremacisms:

The corporate, institutional and individual bully.

Scrutinize the emotional, productivity and family cost of social, sexual entitlement.  The Bully operates in multiple arenas outside the schoolyard. Is it true that most bullies have cultural and religious permission?  Once an issue is framed, an orthodoxy swallowed, it is difficult for most people to dare to challenge a position once taken.  NRA -- it has taken decades for it to frame their marketing interest in gun sales and profits from instruction, as a Second Amendment issue.  Now that the financial motivation is being publicized, and funds offshore, and its own banks, will people get off the Second Amendment idea?  Not likely, or easily.
2.  Institutionally condoned abuse.

We finally think we have identified this drowning cleric and the reason for his predicament.

And clergy molesting on and on. Will the institution ever see itself as others see it.

FN 1  News updates: philosophical divides.  Let noone intrude upon another.
  • Information as defense; affirmation of the target's ability to defend, take action, when allowed. Women in War  Dare to scream, make a scene. Life: Breath In; not conception. Accordingly, your life, as you breathe, comes first. Your breathing is your life; or the Zygote's cellular movement is not for purposes of ranking priority. Why must one person's adopted dogma control another's path.
For the child.  Abuse kills the mind, as well as the body. For the young, the dating.  So does date rape.

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