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Writers of Arabic Heritage; Artists of Arabic Heritage

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A.  Artists

Samira Abbassy.

Go to the Financial Times, October 6-7 2012 at page 14:  in a section called Expat Lives (living as an expatriate in another country), is Happy in Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY.  The featured artist, Samira Abbassy.

Her parents and the family emigrated from Iran to Britain when she was two; then they moved to New York City.  Her parents are of Arab-Iranian, not Persian-Iranian, descent, so her feeling of not quite belonging began early.  New York has offered opportunity, with stress and competition -- a battle but where she says, "I feel most at home."  Do an Images search.

Saudi Aramco World  is a lovely, cultural (and heavy glossy paper, photographs, commentary) magazine, available online at  Search the index for past topics.  At the end is usually a list of articles related to the one just read. Here, focus on writers.

B.  Writers. See

At July-August 2005, find an article by Lisa Suhair Majaj *, Of Stories and Storytellers, featuring women and men writers,  Arab-American (are all of them?), or European, contemporary:  see

Listed, in order of appearance in the article with their recent works, favorite authors, and some quotations; and here with my additional researched comments:

1.  Barbara Nimri Azia, Roscoe NY
2.  Etel Adnan, Paris
3.  Elmaz Abinader, Oakland CA
4.  Diana Abu-Jaber, Miami FL and Portland OR
5.  Boosahda, Worcester MA
6.  Ron David, Hoboken NJ
7.  Kathryn Haddad, Minneapolis MN
8.  Suheir Hammad, New York NY
9.  Nathalie Handal, New York NY
10. Joanna Kadi, Maiden Rock WI
11. Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Cambridge MA
12. Mohja Kahf, Fayetteville AR
13. Pauline Kaldas, Roanoke VA
14. Jamil Khoury, Chicago IL
15. Khaled Mattawa, Ann Arbor MI
16.  D. H. Melhem, New York NY
17. Naomi Shihab Nye -
18. Steven Salaita, Madison WI
19.  Evelyn Shakir, West Roxbury MA
20. Betty Shamieh, New York NY
21. Patricia Saffarian Ward, Atlantic Highlands NJ
* 22. Lisa Suhair Majaj, Nicosia Cyprus (author of the article)
23. David Williams, Worcester MA

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