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Reagan applied to 2016. Reagan the Democrat. Parse Ronald Reagan's CPAC Speech 1975

Reagan the Democrat
Speech to CPAC in 1975.
Parsed.  Update from 2012, in the context of yet another political year.
Ronald Reagan was a Democrat in thought, a Republican in label except when other approaches suited his political goals.  Then he moved in any direction.
A.  Summary.  President Reagan speaks to CPAC 1975, excerpt here as to those issues most raised in the current time, with some comment.
B.  Excerpt itself

Cross reference to Rachel Maddoe:
A.  In summary, Reagan espouses these principles
1. Stand for fiscal integrity and end deficit spending.
2. Limit taxes on earnings
  • .Reinstate Reagan's levels? No reference to limiting taxation on passive, un-employment earned income; or estates - inheritances being the main source of the 1%'s vastnesses, is that true or false? vet.
3. Simplify tax code so workers can pay without hiring lawyers.
  • Why not simplify all finance-related documents and contracts so all taxpayers can pay without hiring lawyers?  No loopholes;  plain meaning and examples that any high school graduate in the country can understand -- if that means improving education, fine. 
  • No more standardized tests; use the tax code or a sample mortgage at graduation, flunking students to be subsidized for two years of remedial education.
4.  Index tax brackets so COLA's do not move the taxpayer into a higher bracket that may benefit the govt's, but making him worse off than before the COLA
As part of reform, why not add paybacks to those who were hit with Alt Tax as well as the COLA dragon?
    5.  Provide for the people: A free market is to do that. 

    • Reagan's reasoning would follow, that if the free market does not provide for the people, then it shall be tweaked until it does.
    • .Tweaking the free market to provide for the people would include no socializing of the risk of the market so the people pay, while privatizing profit so the marketeers benefit
    6.  The best way to ward off socialism is to increase people's participation in ownership of the industrial machine. Government coercion is not the best way to ward off socialism.
    • Government coercion is already in effect as taxation and enforcement activities, and appropriately so to further basic principles of
      • providing for the people,
      • making people personally accountable for misdeeds, and
      • to promote our free way of life as a democracy as Reagan enumerates.
      • Government intervention remains open, then, for other purposes, not related to "warding off socialism." 
    • Define "socialism" terms. See #6 on the market's socializing of risk, already in effect, so that the people pay; but privatizing profit, so the marketeers benefit. 
    • Reagan leaves open areas where government might be justified in intervention, as in fostering non-industrial areas of action for the common good, areas of needed activity where people cannot participate in ownership: infrastructure, and where the private sector has misdeeded, as in health
    • Note that such people's increased ownership in the industrial machine requires access to tools of opportunity:  education, employment, health, infrastructure; measures opposed by the Party of Label.
    7. Regulation is not desirable for purposes of nit-picking, for mere harassment, and where it therefore is restricted by such nit-picking in competitiveness globally.
    • Ergo, regulation is open for other competitive purposes: to contain and prevent abuses, and to provide for accountability and enhanced ownership of the people in the industrial machine.
    • Regulation to prevent financier gambling with investors' funds, or increase accountability, would be fine as ultimately serving competition and sustainable global commercial activity.
    8.  The goal of holding people personally accountable is to protect the law-abiding. 

    Demand personsal accountability not only from criminals, but from mis-doers.  For "Misdeeds" as Reagan describes.
    • .Personal accountability need not mean incarceration;

    • Accountability can mean clawbacks for the financial misdeeds, or a new misdeed tithe on earnings thereafter for a calculated period until payback is made, to such entity as is determined as part of the misdeed identification process; or
    • Containment of the individual but outside an institution, for example
    • To protect the law-abiding, Reagan would also look to the future, would he not:  and provide that persons who have served their accountability, be by then socially productive.  That means education, training and health programs
    • Any immigration restrictions would be limited to a clear and convincing need to "protect" the law-abiding from the immigrant's misdeeds.  How is the law-abider damaged by the immigrant in question? That is the question.
    9.  Stand up to "international adventurers"
    •  International adventurers include corporate colonizers, ours and theirs.
    10.  Maintain our free way of life, whatever is needed to do that. .
    • Free way of life is Democracy, the system;
      • Reagan did not suggest that democracy as a free way of life supports a no-obstacles highway for some, to any level of material consumption, to the detriment of others -- 
      • Reagan would support the 99%
    11.  Fundamental beliefs are to be strongly held, and  not compromised for purposes of political expediency, or to expand in a fake way the tent.

    These fundamental beliefs for his label party, and Democrats, include, as stated by Reagan,
      • personal accountability for any misdoer's misdeeds,
      • fostering a responsible market,
      • supporting enhanced ownership for the people as to the industrial machine,
      • the democracy's free way of life [not free exploitation] for all. 

    Ronald Reagan.  The Democrat.

    Hush, child. Ideologues do not want to hear. The wreckers are out.


    B.  The full speech

    See it at  We chose a pertinent section, and the numbering of ideas is added for ease of reference to discussion in part A.

    Our quoted excerpt, with enumeration

    " ****

    1. Let us show that we stand for fiscal integrity and sound money and above all for an end to deficit spending, with ultimate retirement of the national debt.

    2. Let us also include a permanent limit on the percentage of the people’s earnings government can take without their consent.

    3. Let our banner proclaim a genuine tax reform that will begin by simplifying the income tax so that workers can compute their obligation without having to employ legal help.

    4. And let it provide indexing—adjusting the brackets to the cost of living—so that an increase in salary merely to keep pace with inflation does not move the taxpayer into a surtax bracket.

    Failure to provide this means an increase in government’s share and would make the worker worse off than he was before he got the raise.
    5. Let our banner proclaim our belief in a free market as the greatest provider for the people.
    6.  Let us also call for an end to the nit-picking, the harassment and over-regulation of business and industry which restricts expansion and our ability to compete in world markets.
    7.  Let us explore ways to ward off socialism, not by increasing government’s coercive power, but by increasing participation by the people in the ownership of our industrial machine.
    8.  Our banner must recognize the responsibility of government to protect the law-abiding, holding those who commit misdeeds personally accountable.

    9.  And we must make it plain to international adventurers that our love of peace stops short of “peace at any price.”
    10. We will maintain whatever level of strength is necessary to preserve our free way of life.
    11. A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.
    **** "

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