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Send a Mother's Day card to Vera Putina, Metekhi, Republic of Georgia General Delivery

Or, if that will not work, at least think kind thoughts toward anyone who has to make hard choices. Not a punishment event. Claimed son Vladimir could at least engage in a verify; is she a truthteller; is he.

Vera Putina.  A mother who did what she could, encountered some road blocks, made the decisions she did. Like the rest of us. Parenting is tough.

I.  Idea: To send a nice card to Vera Putina in Metekhi, Georgia, Russian Federation, someone who may not get one from all her children, issue is, is the missing one hers. Does it matter? Sample translations here should be vetted by you (many translators online) before using. Should we worry about our return address?  Why should that be? All the snoops are in the west wing.  Other idea: send a donation to a US charity of your choice honoring her. Or just think kind thoughts for people who have had to make difficult decisions.

Vera Putina.  Vera Putina has been in the news and rumor mill since at least 2008, as the natural mother of Vladimir Putin.  He was raised by distant relatives in St. Petersburg after his age 9 or so, or were they his real parents? No hospital records, then again, there have been upheavals.

There are gaps in his biography that suggest a dim pre-St. Petersburg past, and some corroboration, circumstantial but looming.  Fake news or true news? Do your own search. Consider interpretations. , Vera Putina looks like someone who could enjoy some cards because if this is so, she apparently made the best decisions she could under her circumstances at the time. Either the child never forgave; or the whole thing is fake.  Skip that and just send a card.


Example: Make your own message, put it on a translator, and go.
Dear Ms. Putina,

I have read articles in the news about your maybe being the mother of Vladimir Putin. Anybody can look up that idea on the computer. I am writing because in June we celebrate national Mother's Day in the US. People take their mothers out to brunch, or dinner, or whatever other celebration or event works, and send cards. The little holiday is a nice opportunity to tell someone a thank you, I love you, I know I was exasperating but you were always there, and I am grateful. For you, then, we wish you well, are thinking of you, hope your health is good and that you have people around you who care. We know it is hard for our kids to understand why certain decisions are made for them when they are young. We do what we can. So, whether Vladimir is yours or not, we wish you well.  All best wishes, ___________________.

Here it is in Georgian, Google translate: Vet it yourself, because this could say the man in the moon was here, and I would not know. And it is April 1.  Would Google do that?
ძვირფასო ქალბატონი პუტინა,

მე წავიკითხე სტატია შესახებ თქვენი შესაძლოა, რომ დედა ვლადიმერ პუტინთან. ვინმეს შეგიძლიათ ეძებოთ, რომ იდეა კომპიუტერი. ასე რომ, ივნისში ეს იქნება ჩვენი ეროვნული დედის დღე აშშ. ხალხი მათი დედები out ფილიალი, ან ვახშამი, ან ნებისმიერი სხვა დღესასწაული ან მოვლენა სამუშაოები და გაგზავნას ბარათები. პატარა დღესასწაული ლამაზი შესაძლებლობა ვუთხრა ვინმეს მადლობა, მე შენ მიყვარხარ, მე ვიცი, მე აუტანელი, მაგრამ თქვენ ყოველთვის არსებობს, და მადლობელი ვარ. თქვენთვის, მაშინ, გისურვებთ კარგად, ფიქრი თქვენ, იმედი მაქვს, თქვენს ჯანმრთელობას არის კარგი და რომ თქვენ უნდა გარშემო, ვინც მაინტერესებს. ჩვენ ვიცით, ძნელია ჩვენი ბავშვები მესმის, რატომ გარკვეული გადაწყვეტილებები არიან ისინი, როდესაც ისინი ახალგაზრდა. ჩვენ რა შეგვიძლია. ასე რომ, თუ ვლადიმერ შენია თუ არა, ჩვენ გისურვებთ. ყველა საუკეთესო სურვილები, ___________________.
Here it is in Russian, also Google Translate.  Send nothing without checking the translation yourself.  There can be quirks.

Уважаемая г-жа Путина,

Я читал статьи в новостях о том, может быть, вы были матерью Владимира Путина. Любой может найти эту идею на компьютере. Так, в июне это будет наш Национальный День Матери в США. Люди забирают своих матерей на бранч, или обедают, или как-то еще работают или отправляют открытки. Маленький праздник - хорошая возможность сказать кому-то спасибо, я люблю тебя, я знаю, что я был раздражителен, но ты всегда был там, и я благодарен. Итак, для вас, мы желаем вам здоровья, думаем о вас, надеемся, что ваше здоровье хорошее и что вокруг вас есть люди, которые вас волнуют. Мы знаем, что нашим детям трудно понять, почему для них принимаются определенные решения, когда они молоды. Мы делаем что можем. Итак, Владимир ваш или нет, мы желаем вам успеха. С наилучшими пожеланиями, ___________________.

II.  How to do it.

Consult Global Express, Priority Air Express International (scroll down at  A flat rate envelope cannot exceed 4 lbs, but you will not need all that.  There are restrictions on sending items, so just the card.

Do not send goods -- Postal limits on that include:
1. Addressees are required to obtain import licenses/permits to receive most goods.
2. Coins; banknotes; currency notes, including paper money; securities of any kind payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, and silver; precious stones; jewelry; watches; and other valuable articles are prohibited in Priority Mail Express International shipments to the Republic of Georgia.
It is expensive to send a priority mail international flat rate envelope. See at p. 39 at  Looks like over $30.00, very roughly -- but even Canada ia $23.95, so it could be 'way more.

Try First-Class Mail Int’l.  Letters appear to be price group 4, then additional columns, weight 3.5 to 4 oz. and IPA 19. Ask at your post office, of course.  Its hours are down to an hour every other month, urban, twice a year, rural.

III.  Fake news. If this is fake, Putin easily can put the idea to rest.  Everybody do a cheek. If this is so, can we find somebody responsible who can do a Go Fund Me for this lady, who already is 89.  Surely she deserves comfort. Even to fund the DNA. Also fund his. No reason not to do it.  Everybody is investigating everything these days. Who is the truthteller. Funding for good healthcare? All people deserve good and universal health care, cradle to grave. Cheaper in the long run, and promotes productivity. Metekhi, Georgia -- near Tbilisi. The Caucasus. Good roots. There apparently is a school record for a child Vladimir Putin.

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